Saturday, November 22, 2014

Christmas Stocking Makeover

Christmas is just around the corner and  a friend needed my help in updating her Christmas stocking.  She recently had a new baby girl so she needed to add a stocking for her. She already had stockings but was not happy with the monogram, the names were different sizes and placement was not centered and one was blank.

I took all four stocking and made a red velveteen cuff to spruce them up and get all the names the same size and centered.  Before getting started I cut the hanger off the stocking to reduce the bulk in the seam allowance for the new hanger.  

I measured the width of the stocking and cut my velveteen fabric and a piece of red cotton for the lining 16" wide and 6" tall.  I sewed the two long ends together wrong sides facing, press seam flat and opened it up again.  I found the center on the velveteen fabric side and measured 4" from the bottom fold in order to find the placement for the monogram.   After monogramming the names with gold, I folded the right sides together and sewed the two ends together to form a tube.  I turned the tube wrong sides together to form a cuff with monogram centered on the front and the seam in the back.

I placed the cuff inside the purchased stocking with the right side of stocking cuff facing the wrong side of the inside stocking.  I made a hanger by cutting a piece of velveteen 6" x 2" and folded it in half then folded the raw edges inside and one last fold and stitched it down.  I stitched around the stocking and inserted the folded hanger inside the left side with the raw edges hanging out.  I trimmed the edges and did an overlock stitch to tidy up the edges.  

I turned the cuff over onto the stocking top and the redesign was complete.

Monogrammed just the velveteen part of the stocking cuff.
 The old stocking top is covered by the new cuff redesign!
Monogrammed in the center and bigger, much better!
 This was the old top with the original monogram....a bit small and out of place!
All four stocking redesigned and ready to be hung by the chimney with care!

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