Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Joe's Growth Chart

A special little boy had his 1st Birthday this week.  They just don't stay little long enough!  My gift to him was a Growth Chart....his room is filled with the Fireman theme so that's where the idea started.  This is what I came up with.....my version of a growth chart!

The collage shows the process from drawing my idea on poster paper to transferring the pattern to the beige denim I  used.  When I started painting it was little scary at first but you just have to go for it!  I started with the blue along the right edge.  I taped the entire side about 11/2 inches from the edge of the fabric with painters tape.  The tape helped give me a straight edge.  I then started on the dog and then the fire hydrant.  The hose came next and then came the water...!!!  I didn't know exactly what I wanted but the more I painted the bigger the water got, I added big drops and decided they needed to be falling to the bottom to give the middle of the chart some interest.  I decided to paint JOE coming from the water ...that's some wild water!

After letting the paint dry overnight I used a black permanent pen to outline everything, even the blue along the edge.  I didn't put the numbers on just yet, I waited until I sewed the back to the front and turned it.  I put 3 loops of ribbon at the top before attaching the front to the back.  I put the painted wooden dowel with wood beads on the ends through the ribbon loops and attached ribbon to the ends of the dowel.

Once the chart was turned and pressed I then took a measuring tape and marked 6 inches from the bottom and started my measurements up to the top, marking every inch and numbers on each foot mark.
I also punched tags from card stock with string attached so Joe's mom and dad could record the date, height & age and attach it to the chart with a safety pin.  I know he will love seeing how big he grows each time they record it....!

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