Friday, July 15, 2011

Turquoise Love!

Little tables = love for me!  I have had this little beauty for a long time but didn't know quite what to do to it until now.  My daughter will be moving into her own apartment and her THEME color is turquoise!  I finally knew just I wanted to to make it happen was another thing! 
I started off by sanding the whole table and wiping it down with a clean cloth.  I put some of the turquoise paint in a tray and added a little water to make it more like a wash.  I started wiping the wash on the back (just in case I didn't like it) and when I LOVED it I began wiping it all over in the direction of the woodgrain.  As quickly as I wiped it on...I wiped it off with a dry rag.  I found I had to work fast because it dried to dark.  After it dried I wiped on a small amount of brown antiquing glaze all over and wiped the excess off.
I love the finished turned out just like I imagined! Now all it needs is a cute knob and it's ready to find it's new home in my daughter's new HOME....!

Oops...forgot to put the drawer back for the pic...Oh get the idea...! The top has a piece of glass that fits on the top so the paint won't get messed up, even better!

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