Sunday, October 26, 2014

Ruby 9 Projects!

WOW...It has been a busy few weeks.  Ruby 9 (that's ME)  has been busy creating all sorts of things.

I was lucky and some of my daughter's friends from the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders requested gifts for their game day group gifts.  I made all my daughter's group gifts the three years she cheered for the Cowboys.  I made a variety of gifts but the flatiron/curler travel case was a favorite along with a custom carrier for their Dancing Girl Pictures they sign for fans.

Making gifts for her group led to them asking for the same gift for their group!  This makes me happy because I now know they enjoyed their gifts Amelia gave them.  A previous group member, Jasmine, ordered eight of the flatiron/curler travel cases for her group, she is still using her case I made two years ago.   They were presented to them by Jasmine on Breast Cancer Awareness game day.  The fact that they were PINK made it even more special for that particular game.  I love the picture they took after receiving their gift, lots of smiles, but the cupcakes could be another reason for that big smile!  ;)

I made 11 group gifts for DCC Jessica Allison.  Her DCC group gift request was a picture holder similar to the one I made my daughter's group several years ago.  The picture is larger now so I had to alter my original design.  I was pleased with the results and the girls loved them.  The word spread fast and before long I had another order for the picture travel case, I made 14 more!  Hopefully they will all enjoy the case to carry their autograph pictures in style!

I have also made several of the flatiron/curler cases in school fabric.  LSU, Ohio State and Arkansas are the schools being represented at the moment.  Hopefully more orders for their favorite team will be coming in soon!

 Matching back sac with monogram to match the travel case.

A special gift for a friend who recently had her baby.   The gift was a banner I monogrammed the babies name on and hung it on a long strand of pearls.  She loved it and it is hanging in Alayna's room!

It's all in the details...

Little pink ruffle pants and a matching bow was another special request.  Another satisfied customer for Ruby 9!
Ruby 9 has so many ideas, not enough time in the day!

"You don't have to be GREAT to start,
But you have to start to be GREAT!"

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