Sunday, September 7, 2014

Ruby 9 ....busy Lady!

Well, Ruby 9, my alter ego has been a busy Lady recently.  I started this little business to occupy some of my time that was spent sitting around feeling sorry for myself!  YES....I am admitting to having a pity party every now and then.  I have missed having kids to tend to and I guess I thought I would get use to feeling unneeded at some point but it didn't happen.  I decided to take matters into my own hands and reinvent myself.  Ruby 9 is my new personality and she's ready to make STUFF!

I have had a variety of requests recently.  I have made little girl ruffle pants, baby name banners, covered pillows, tutu's as well as making several of my custom made travel iron/curler bags I created!

It has been so much fun as well as tiring at times but so rewarding.  My old hands need a good hot soak after some of the days I have put in cutting and sewing but it's been worth every ache and pain!

I am so blessed with a talent God gave me and I plan to use it and enjoy every minute.

"Just call on Me.  I guarantee I will answer you.  I will make you strong and brave." Psalms 138:3

I asked and He delivered, I am feeling strong and brave again.

Go make your day AWESOME and thanks for dropping by!

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