Thursday, May 29, 2014

Daisy Headbands

Daisy headbands are all the rage at the moment.  I made several for my daughter to wear.  They are pretty easy to make, finding cute flowers is the hard part.
I found my flowers at Michael's on sale!
 Take each flower apart and glue layers together.
I combined petals from several flowers to 
make the flower fuller.
Glue the center in place pushing the plastic 
center into petals but don't put 
the plastic backing back on the flower.
Cut the green stem off so it will be flat.
Cut a small circle of felt out for each flower.
Lay the leather or cording(about 14" ) on the table,
put a felt circle under the leather where you want a flower.
Glue the felt circle to the leather and lay a flower on top.
Press gently and wait for the glue to dry.
I used 7 flowers for the headband below.

 I added beads to the end of the leather by making a knot
adding beads and then tie another knot.
Tie the headband onto your head.....instant FLOWER POWER!

 I used colored cording for another headband version.
I braided three colors together and did the same knot,
beads and another knot to hold in place.
 I used the bigger flowers for this headband and 
did the same process as the small.
I took the flowers apart and cut felt circles for each flower.
 Glue the petals layers together
 After gluing the petals together I put the center
back in the middle, glued it in place 
and cut the long plastic stem off.  
Do not put the green plastic backing back on the flower. 
Repeat the same process as before. 
Lay the cording out, place a felt circle under cording
where you want a flower, glue in place and then glue
the flower onto the felt.  Press gently until glue dries.
I used 5 big daisies for the headband below. 

Go find some cute flowers and make your own version.
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