Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Coffee Sack turned ART!

The burlap bag I found in Canton, TX last month has been turned into ART.  My son will be moving to his own apartment in the Fall and needs artwork.....this fits the bill!
This was a cheap and easy project, just the kind I like!  The bag was $3.99 and the canvas was $14.00 (I used a Michael's 50% off coupon).
I didn't want to cut the bag, I wanted to use the roped edge on the bottom as part of the decoration.  I slipped the canvas into the bag and started to staple.  I stapled the bottom of the bag first and went from there to the top and finally the sides.  After getting it all stapled I attached eye hooks and picture wire and it's ready to hang!

Sure wish everything could be this simple....EASY ART!
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