Sunday, May 9, 2010

Just call me the BAG LADY!

Well....bags must be my thing these days. I just completed another purse for my daughter Amelia..along with one for her friend Alyssa. I will post pics tomorrow! Trying to get motivated to really get with the program but just can't seem to stay on track. I'm not sure how people work at home...too many distractions for me, the dogs need out...they need in...clothes to be washed...groceries to be purchased....and on and on!

I am making myself a promise today on Mother's Day...I WILL START SEWING DAILY!!!
My mom would be so proud of all the things I have made...she tried so hard years ago to teach me to sew, without much success! I sure do miss her, she passed away Sept. 15, 2009. If only I had one more day with her...but I know after that day...I would beg for another and another. God has a plan and I know she's saving a place for me!
She was such a special mom...if I can be half the mom she was I will be pleased!

Happy Mother's Day MOMA...I will be with you again one day, this is only my temporary home!

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