Monday, February 18, 2013

Pillow Mat...nap time!

What little bitty doesn't like to lay on the floor and watch their cartoons or even take a quick nap! This is my version of a Pillow Mat for a sweet boy turning two this month.  He is a big dog fan so I picked a fleece (Walmart) with cute dogs and paw prints.  I purchased 3 yards but only used about 2 1/2.  I always like to get more than enough...I am that JUST IN CASE kind of gal!  I also purchased 4 pillows for the mat.  

It was pretty simple, I laid the pillows out in a row width wise and decided how long my fabric needed to be cut.  The fleece was 60 inches wide so there was no need to piece the fabric. I folded the fleece in half length wise to determine the center and then matched both length wise edges to that center and overlapped them in the back.  Once this was overlapped I then laid my pillow on the fleece and determined how much more I needed to make the overlap so the pillow would fit snug width wise. I pinned the fleece down the entire overlap in order to take it to the machine and then stitched the ends of the fleece to form a pillow case.  I unpinned the overlap and turned the pillow case right side out.  You now have a HUGE pillow case with an overlapped opening on the back....NOW WHAT! 

Now comes the tricky part, lay your pillow forms on the pillow case and mark where each pillow will be placed.  I stitched three seams making a pillow pocket for all four of my pillows.  Place each pillow into each 
section of the mat and your are FINISHED!  

The mat can be used flat for nap time or tuck the last pillow up under the second to prop it up and watch your favorite shows or read a good book!

Happy Birthday Joe!
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