Friday, April 22, 2011

Cruise Tip!

Clear Shoe Bag = Best Cruise Tip Ever!  The simple clear shoe bag you hang over the door was the best thing I brought on my cruise a couple of years ago.  I recently passed this tip on to a friend who will be going on a cruise soon and thought I would share.
I found my shoe bag at my local Walmart.  When I boarded the ship I hung the bag on the inside of the door in the VERY SMALL bathroom.  There is very little counter space and the bag becomes your hanging storage!
All the little things we use everyday from lotion to toothpaste, q-tips, hairspray, suntan lotion...and on and on fit neatly into each clear shoe compartment for easy access! 
The next best advice....get yourself some seasick bracelets and keep them on throughout the entire cruise!  Believe me, I learned the hard way!

Happy Cruising!

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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Mark your SPOT!

It's a bookmark...ribbon...buttons...elastic hairband and there you have it!  I didn't come up with the original idea...wish I could remember where I saw it first but it was so simple and cute I had to share! 

I made it for my daughter's friend to mark her place in her drawing journal!  I also made a small envelope purse for her to carry her drawing supplies but didn't get a good picture but you can go to The DIY Dish and see the project...really simple and cute!  The purse slipped easily under the bookmark for safe keeping.

Supplies:   Ribbon( about 12-14 inches/any width would work)
                2 buttons (large enough to hold elastic band)
                1 hair elastic
Fold the cut edges of the ribbon on one end 1/4" to conceal the raw edge, fold again 1/2" and slip the elastic band into the fold before stitching the width of the ribbon.
Repeat the process for the other end excluding the elastic band.
Sew a button on both ends and place in book hooking the elastic band around the button.

Mark you spot with style...!

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Friday, April 15, 2011

Ladybug LOVE!

My mind went straight to ladybugs when I saw the wooden block with antennas at Michael's...odd how that works!  The project started with painting the unfinished block red and the ladybug started to take shape.
Oops...I forgot to take a pic of the plain block...but here it is painted red.
I cut a triangle out of scrapbook paper and used Mod Podge to attach it to the center.
After attaching the paper to the block I coated the entire front with the Mod Podge.
The Mod Podge tries clear so no worries.....!
I cut 6 circles out of the same paper and attached with Mod Podge just like the triangle. 
I glued wiggle eyes to 2 small black pompoms and glued those to the top with Tacky Glue.
The Mod Podge is still wet in this pic but dried clear.
This pic is the flop version...I tried using pompoms on the front but they were too heavy and would not adhere well....after this I went to the final paper dot idea.....lesson learned!

I used my finished Ladybug to hold a card I made...I'll tell you about that another day!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Revels week!

Revels...what's that?  Revels is the final dance recital for the "World Famous Rangerettes" of Kilgore College!  My daughter is a sophomore this year, it is only a two year college so this is the end of this journey and on to another.  It's sad to see it end, it has been so much fun for our family!  Lots of hard work for Amelia but well worth it in the end. 
It is a full week of practice and performances...5 times in all with an audience.  I was there every single time and loved every minute.  I took over 600 pictures, thank goodness for digital!
I brought her gifts each time I went to the show.  Lola the ladybug is their class mascot.  She loved them all but the cake ball bouquet was her favorite I think but the chocolate covered strawberries came in a close second. 
Heading back to Kilgore today to take some pictures of her and her roommate together.  This journey is almost over and she will be off to another adventure...time will tell what that may be.
Not only Revels took place this week but my son turned 18.  He had to be at the recital on his big day, hated we didn't get to celebrate much but we did go out to eat and we surprised him with a new mountain bike earlier in the day.  He will be taking it to college in Florida in August...that's something I would rather not think about.  I get choked up thinking both of my children will be gone and the house will be empty except for the animals...and my husband!
Guess this is the next chapter in my life....could we please put a bookmark in this page for a bit longer PLEZ!
Chocolate covered strawberries...

Ladybug card holder & card...will post how-to later
Cakeball flowers...(Will post how-to later)
Amelia is in the split leap....!

The middle dancer is my daughter! 

These two are my life...!
Amelia and Austin...the best a parent could ask for!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Seeing RED!

Everything looks better RED!  I have this obsession...I admit it....I confess....I am addicted to RED!  I have driven a RED vehicle since I was 17, except for the sad years I had to drive a blue sweet husband surprised me with a brand new van with a big RED bow on it but it just wasn't the same.  I was soooo glad when I finally got a new car.  We shopped for months trying to find the perfect one!  I didn't really care what kind, it just had to be RED!  I finally found it, a RED Yukon kids named her "BIG RED"....she was a jewel!  I just recently traded her in for another and can you guess what color it is...?  YES, I got "BIG RED'S" little sister, another Yukon except for the short bed! 
What does this have to do with crafting...well, when I started to paint a few pieces of old furniture I inherited...guess what color I was leaning towards?   Yes, your right on RED!  I am really satisfied with the results even though the table took one coat of primer and about 4 coats of RED but it was completely worth it...!  The table has a home in my craft room for now and the chair is at my desk!  Mission off to get more RED paint.  Nothing is safe from RED around here!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Purse...turned Camera BAG!

I think I made the perfect bag even better!  I found the cutest bag big enough to carry all my camera STUFF!  I have a camera backpack that is wonderful but it makes me look like I'm going on a hiking trip!  This perfect's big, so cute, and can carry everything I need but there's one problem....everything drops to the bottom and clanks together.  My solution, make a bag insert to pad my supplies.  I know, it's not an original idea but the ones I've  priced are way beyond my budget.  My  insert is padded and made of flannel so it will protect my camera supplies.  I even made a couple of dividers with velcro in order to change up the inside depending on what I need that day. 
The best thing about the project....once I take the insert out....the camera bag is back to being a purse without a hassle!
I know I should of taken pictures while I was making it  but I got so excited I completely forgot!
I promise to do better next time...!


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