Saturday, July 19, 2014

Charlie Bones....We will miss you!

Today my son's bearded dragon died.  We have had Charlie for 9 years and he's been an interesting pet for sure.   I took him several months ago to check on a lump that appeared on his chest area. The vet gave him a series of shots over a months time in hopes it would reduce the mass.  After the shots didn't help there wasn't much left to do.  She informed me that lizards do not heal well after having surgery and with his age he probably wouldn't ever be the same.

We loved Charlie each day for the last 9 years and today he decided it was time to leave us.  My animal family is getting smaller each day.  Two years ago I had three dogs, a rabbit and a bearded dragon.  Today, Lily the golden/retriever is our only pet.  She is 12 and not doing well with her ACL being torn a few weeks ago.  Taking one day at a time and enjoying the time we have with her.

Each time I have to say goodbye to a pet they take a piece of my heart with them!  They become so much a part of the family and I hate to see them go.
 Charlie looking scary....just a shedding stage!
 Charlie the gentle dragon!
Shedding stages!
Charlie, we will miss you!
You were definitely a unique pet!
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