Friday, September 6, 2013

Hot Iron Travel Bag.....DCC Style

This time last year my daughter was in the process of making the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader squad for the 2nd time.  She just recently attended training camp again and made the squad for the 3rd time.  The journey is long and tiring for her but worth every minute of hard work...she loves to dance and I love watching.

Each game one of the group members give the girls in their group a gift.  Last year I made Amelia's group a bag to carry their flat iron or curling iron in along with making them a travel case for their pictures they carry to autograph for fans.  Most of the girls were carrying their pictures in a baggie...NOT COOL!
I designed a carry case just for her group.  I have recently repeated the same carry case for her group this year. Tutorial for that at a later took me a year to make one for the hot iron gets busy!

The flat iron bag was my own design....sometimes necessity is the mother of invention.

I  cut the outside fabric 14 inches long and 18 inches long.
(I measured a curling iron for my dimensions)

I ironed on interfacing to the entire piece.
Fold the 14" side in half and stitch side seams with 1/4 " seam.
(I inserted the folded fabric piece with the ring attached into the seam before stitching)

I repeated the process with the lining fabric.
I inserted a piece of heat resist fabric into the center of the bag before stitching sides together.
(I used quilted heat resistant fabric for my lining and the flat heat resist for the center insert. Fabric was purchased from Joann's online.
Leave a small opening in bottom for turning later in the sewing process.

The blue fabric of the envelop top was cut and the pink was added to
the edge.  I monogrammed the names before it was assembled.  I stitched the lining right sides together, stitched around 3 sides leaving the top open to turn.  Press after turning.

Velcro was attached to the underside of the flap and on the front of the bag itself.  I did the same thing 9 times...!

I inserted the lining into the bag right sides together.

Attach the front flap onto the body of the bag.

After attaching flap turn the entire bag right side out...
( Now you know why you left an opening in the lining.)
Press Press Press!

I made a long strap to attach to the side with a hook.


This is the picture carrier I designed for the girls to put their pictures in.
I know this is going to be a great year....1st real game of the season this weekend and I am looking forward to watching her cheer and dance!

A proud mom and Amelia's biggest FAN!

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