Thursday, April 21, 2011

Mark your SPOT!

It's a bookmark...ribbon...buttons...elastic hairband and there you have it!  I didn't come up with the original idea...wish I could remember where I saw it first but it was so simple and cute I had to share! 

I made it for my daughter's friend to mark her place in her drawing journal!  I also made a small envelope purse for her to carry her drawing supplies but didn't get a good picture but you can go to The DIY Dish and see the project...really simple and cute!  The purse slipped easily under the bookmark for safe keeping.

Supplies:   Ribbon( about 12-14 inches/any width would work)
                2 buttons (large enough to hold elastic band)
                1 hair elastic
Fold the cut edges of the ribbon on one end 1/4" to conceal the raw edge, fold again 1/2" and slip the elastic band into the fold before stitching the width of the ribbon.
Repeat the process for the other end excluding the elastic band.
Sew a button on both ends and place in book hooking the elastic band around the button.

Mark you spot with style...!

I have joined a newbie link party at DebbieDoos  Go check her blog out..lots of great ideas!
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