Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sunflowers, Birds and Bees!

The sunflowers I planted a few months back have been such a joy to watch grow.  They attract all kinds of birds, bees and butterflies!  I have enjoyed watching the different sunflower faces appear each day and hate to see them start to fade.

I will do the sunflower patch again next summer but I have BIG plans for what's to come!  My husband knows that means more work for him but it makes me happy ....and the old saying "When moma is happy, everybody is happy" is true at my house!

This year I used the seeds I harvested from my last years patch and didn't really know what type sunflowers would appear.  I want a bit more organization to my next patch, I have a bad case of OCD and I think the sunflowers were beautiful this year but a bit too random for my taste.  I want to make sure my little sunflowers are in the front row and go up from there.  I imagine it something like a children's choir...because they look like smiling faces raising their heads to the sun ready to sing a  joyful song!  OK, I have a big imagination but that's what I want!

I am enjoying the last of the flowers now, the bees are collecting the precious golden pollen and the birds have a secret place to hide out among the big stalks and leaves.  I am hoping the snake I saw on my patio decides the sunflower patch is a better place to live....YIKES!  I was too busy trying to get my 90 lb Lily back into the house after she spotted it to see where he went.....just hoping he's not at my back door tonight when I let her out!

"Fairies sit atop colorful blooms and gossip with the butterflies."

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