Sunday, August 10, 2014

Flowers, Butterflies and Birds

The summer is slowing coming to an end.  I always hated this time of year because it meant the kids would be returning to school.  Now that they are both in college and live away from home the seasons are based on my flowers not on the school calendar.  I planted my sunflowers and zinnias April 5, 2014 and the first sunflower appeared June 5!  Most of the sunflowers are dead but the tall stems are still hanging on and the birds are enjoying the dried sunflower pods with all the seeds.  The zinnias are still thriving and attracting butterflies and bees.

I spotted a beautiful butterfly enjoying my flowers a few days ago.  My mom, who died in 2009 loved butterflies.  I can't help but think "Angels Among Us" when I spot one and think of my mom.

The birds are enjoying the seeds on the dried sunflowers.  The cardinal is my favorite and I have several that visit daily.  My hummingbirds are still in full force.  I have two feeders and they visit them both all day.  I refresh their sugar water about every three days.   They visit the zinnias and my other flowers as well.

I will hate to see the flowers go because that means summer is ending, hummingbirds will fly to wherever they go and I will have to wait until next year to plant again.  The stems of the sunflowers will be cut down and the birds won't have a hiding place.  The seasons change and time moves on.

Thankful for God's little creatures! 

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