Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Goodwill transformation!

I admit...I drop by a Goodwill almost every other day!  It's right on my way to town and I just can't help myself!  I imagine there is a treasure just waiting for me...and the day I found this frame for $14.99 ...I knew I found it!  I wanted to make something with a big impact for my daughter's new apartment and this was the treasure......PURE JOY! (simple pleasures)
It didn't look like much in the beginning but I knew it could be transformed...!
I started off by giving it a good sanding and painted it favorite color!  After letting it dry, I lightly sanded it again along the molding.  I painted the molding with a turquoise wash (mix a little water with your paint to make the wash) and gently wiped the excess paint away with a dry cloth.  I loved the results but it needed more color so I sanded the molding again and repeated the turquoise wash.
After it was dry I sprayed a light coat of polyurethane to help protect the finish.
Now to the inside...I used the original foam backed picture that was in the frame, sanded it a little and gave it a couple of coats of chalkboard paint.  I inserted it back into the frame and it was that simple...!!!

Gotta go for to GOODWILL to find my next treasure!!!

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Friday, July 15, 2011

Turquoise Love!

Little tables = love for me!  I have had this little beauty for a long time but didn't know quite what to do to it until now.  My daughter will be moving into her own apartment and her THEME color is turquoise!  I finally knew just I wanted to to make it happen was another thing! 
I started off by sanding the whole table and wiping it down with a clean cloth.  I put some of the turquoise paint in a tray and added a little water to make it more like a wash.  I started wiping the wash on the back (just in case I didn't like it) and when I LOVED it I began wiping it all over in the direction of the woodgrain.  As quickly as I wiped it on...I wiped it off with a dry rag.  I found I had to work fast because it dried to dark.  After it dried I wiped on a small amount of brown antiquing glaze all over and wiped the excess off.
I love the finished turned out just like I imagined! Now all it needs is a cute knob and it's ready to find it's new home in my daughter's new HOME....!

Oops...forgot to put the drawer back for the pic...Oh get the idea...! The top has a piece of glass that fits on the top so the paint won't get messed up, even better!

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Wednesday, July 13, 2011


I love it when I have an excuse to make baby things!  My children are 20 and 18 so it's been a long time since I have sewn for my own..they don't appreciate HOMEMADE at this age!  I have a friend who is expecting soon and this was my shower gift to her and her soon to arrive Hadleigh Anne, a BACK SAC!  This is my own creation...I combined the idea of a backpack and a tote and this is what I came up with.  It will be a bag she can throw a few of those necessary baby things in and head out the door and look cute at the same time.  When she grows up it can be her dance sac or a slumber sac! 

 I monogrammed her name on a piece of pink fabric that I inserted to the front of the sac.  This is the time to determine how wide your sac will be and cut your fabric accordingly.
 I then cut 2 pieces the same width of the pink to attach to the top and bottom to form the front of the sac.

Pin the pieces together and stitch.

 The 3 pieces are attached and this is the front of the Backsac.
 I added some fancy trim at this time where the pieces were attached...any trim could be added at this time or leave it plain...your choice!
 I just love this fancy trim but boy is it a mess to work careful sewing, it wants to grab your needle and hang it up...go SLOW!
 You are now ready to cut your pieces for the lining...I cut mine a few inches bigger than the sac front and back will understand what I did in a minute!
 This is the back piece of the sac...cut the same size as the front piece.
 Pin and sew front to back on 3 sides leaving top open ( I inserted the  2 inch cording loops for the backsac cording at this time on the sac ...picture below) and do the same for the lining except leave a 2 inch opening on the bottom edge in order to turn later.
 This is at the bottom of the front and back piece of the backsac ...insert loop to the right side with the raw edges hanging out of  the wrong side...I burnt the edges so they would not ravel (This is nylon cording, any type ribbon or cording could be used)
 As you can see the lining is longer than the backsac itself...this allows the top of the lining to entend outside and makes a band at the top of the finished sac.
 This view shows the length difference better....
With front and back sides turned to the wrong side...insert the lining which is right side out and attach the tops in order to form the sac...turn the entire bag through the opening you left in the bottom of the sac lining.
 This is what it will look like after you have turned the all seams flat.
 Insert lining into bag and now you see why the lining was made creates a nice neat band of color at the top of the bag!
 Cut 2 pieces of trim color about 1 inch longer than the finished bag width and about 3 inches wide, turn the edges to finish the width of the bag.
 Sew these pieces together to form tube and turn....( I use a long paint great)!

Attach these to the front and back about 3 inches from top....the cording will be threaded through these later.

The cording is now threaded through the attached tubes and looped through the bottom loop of the sac in order for the sac to be opened and closed like a drawstring.

 Knot the ends once the length is determined and burn the edges so they will not fray.
 The top and bottom are now now have a BACKSAC!

 I also made a small envelope style bag for a pac of wet ones to fit in....I didn't take pics of the process but it  is pretty simple. I will write a post on that process at a later date!

 The last gift was a burp cloth made from a diaper.  I simply pieced several pieces of fabric, added my trim, attached this piece to the front of the cloth diaper.  I then cut a back piece the size of the diaper and sewed right sides together leaving a small opening in order to turn, stitch the opening closed.  I also sewed the front to the back along the diaper lines on front in order to hold the two pieces together.
Hadleigh is all set....she now has her own BACKSAC.....!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Display Sweet Memories!

It's been almost 2 years since I lost my mom to a brain tumor.  These have been the most difficult years of my life but I have come to realize that this loss is part of my journey.  It was overwhelming to go through her things but it had to be done.  She loved her jewelry and especially a decorative pin!  The pins I have from my mom's collection have been tucked away in a jewelry box up until now but I think they deserve to be displayed for me to enjoy and cherish each and every day! 
I found a fabric backed shadowbox frame and decided this was the perfect way to display her special pins!  I have them sitting on my bedside table and I get to see them every time I go to bed and every time I wake up......! I sure miss you MOM....thanks for all the Sweet Memories!
Go make some memories....!
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