Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Southern born and sooo glad!

It's been a heck of a weekend....flew to Baltimore, Maryland to visit MICA, better known as Maryland Institute College of Art! The weather turned off COLD and WINDY...I think it stays that way up north. That's why I am glad I was born in the south and plan to live here forever!!! Austin and I did a little sightseeing on Sat. and on Sunday we took a taxi to the school. The day consisted of a LONG talk from the MICA staff then a COLD school tour. The freshman dorm looked like a prison...I wouldn't even consider letting Austin live there..guess that says it all! The day was long and cold! We were unable to get a taxi back to the hotel so we took the train, one more adventure. We didn't make it back to the hotel...only part of the way! We ended up walking about a half mile to flag a taxi and finally made it back to the HILTON! Never so glad to get to a hotel and rest my weary bones. We ventured out that evening and found the Cheesecake Factory, best meal we ate the whole weekend!

Morning came finally and we caught a taxi to the airport...made it to Dallas, boarded the plane to return to Shreveport. Couldn't be that simple, the plane was broken and we had to get off and wait around for about an hour to eventually board another plane. We arrived in Shreveport about 4! So glad to be in our hometown...needless to say I am staying home for awhile and I hope Austin decided the NORTH is better left up there and will pick a college in a warmer climate!

Side note...I slipped in the tub on Sunday morning, fell flat on my back, bumped my head on the back of the tub and have had a dull headache since. I am hoping it will go away, it worries me it still hurts but hope all will be well soon! Thank goodness I didn't pass out...would of hated to have been hurt so far from home!

Better days ahead...no question about it!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Chicago visit...Baby it's cold out here!

Last week was a COLD one! My family traveled to Chicago to watch my daughter perform in the McDonald's Day Parade in Downtown Chicago! Me, my husband and son took the Amtrac from Longview, TX to Chicago...word to the wise, DON'T Do IT! I mainly wanted to take the train for the adventure factor and believe me it was, but after about 10 hours on the train I was second guessing my decision as was my 17 year old son! Lesson learned..take a plane next time!

The trip was nice but the weather was bitterly cold...remember I left Louisiana temperatures in the 70's and into the Chicago cold in the 30's!
Not fun for sightseeing or watching parades but we survived and the trip was a success! Fun was had by all and we added to our family memory bank, that's all a parent can ask for!

A week home then me and my son will be traveling to Baltimore, Maryland...I know, more cold! He wants to visit the Maryland Institute College of Art. It's going to be another adventure...just the two of us...pray we won't get lost or miss our plane! I am not the best with directions and he doesn't have much experience in that area...but we will be doing it together and that's what matters, more memories to be made!

I can not think of what it will be like this time next year...both of my children off at college and me here without them...empty nest! I hate the sound of that but guess I have no choice, I raised them to be independent, responsible adults...my job is almost done but I know they will always need me for a big dose of "YOU CAN DO IT" and a big hug and kiss! That't the best part of my MOM job!

Putting the yesterdays to rest...the tomorrows can wait...living today, this very minute to the best of my ability!
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