Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Proud MOM of a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader!

WOW...my daughter Amelia made the final cut last night to become one of the 17 Rookies on the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders!  They will have 17 vets and 17 rookies.  It's been a long process, starting in May with about 450+ girls showing up for the 1st round of auditions.  The next cut came in around 231 and the next weekend they had to add talent and interview.  The pool of girls was narrowed to 51...and then 27 went to training camp.  They reported to the training center each night and in 10 weeks learned about 12 dances! 
My daughter was previously a Kilgore Rangerette so she was very accustomed to working hard and learning things very quickly...thank goodness!  The directors have made cuts each week and last night they let the 34 girls know they were the new squad!  Very exciting for her as well as our family!  I can't wait to watch her perform, I will be beaming with pride! The tryout process has been documented by CMT and will be aired in Oct. 2011 sometime...The Making of the Team!  I can finally be that fly on the wall and see what went on all these months!  I am one proud MOM of a DCC!
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