Friday, October 25, 2013


Fall is in the air and I decided I needed a do-it-yourself  HAIR-DO makeover!  I am very low maintenance where hair is concerned, I have NEVER had my hair colored with anything permanent!  I have always colored my own hair with Clairol's Natural Instincts hair color.  I have used this brand for about 20+ years so far and the last few years I have had to use it more often because it washes out in about 20 shampoos and shows my grey! There is a boost pack you can use after 2 weeks in the same box which extends the color.  There is also a conditioner in the box.   My hair is naturally dark brown or at least it was when I was younger.  I'm not real sure what natural is anymore, grey is taking over.  The color I used recently is 11G which adds a hint of auburn to my hair.  I have used N9 also, both are labeled in the dark blonde family.  My hair has a tendency to go red but that beats grey any day!  

The length of my hair is the longest it has been in years.  Most people start cutting their hair off when they hit 50+ but I think I am keeping my long hair.  I don't want to look like a teen but love all the things I can do with long hair.  The ponytail is my go to and not just a plain pony but one with a little teasing at the crown and a little bump..Pinterest Inspired Pony is my best friend these days when it comes to hair.  I rolled my hair today with my curling iron using this Pinterest inspired tutorial  Pretty pleased with the look...but I have to admit, it will most likely end up in a ponytail before the night is over.  
Habits are hard to break!  

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