Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Owl Pillow....What a HOOT!

My sister and I are big OWL fans!  When I spotted this owl graphic on "The Graphic Fairy"  I knew I wanted to use it for something.  I decided to print it out on a piece of photo fabric and make a pillow.  It is really easy to use the fabric, it has a backing that allows it to go through the computer easily.  You wait for the ink to dry and then rinse with water, dry completely before using.  It's ready to use in your project.

I measured the sides and top of the graphic and cut 3" strips of orange fabric (I used a pillow case I found in the exact orange I wanted to use) I attached the orange to all four sides.  I then cut the green fabric in 4" strips and repeated the process.  I did this again with the orange but cut the strips 4" wide.  After attaching the borders I pressed all seams out.  The back piece of the pillow was cut in two pieces so they could overlap in the back to form the opening for the pillow form.  I stitched raw edges and overlapped the back.  Lay  the pillow front on the pillow back and stitch on all four sides.  Using the center back opening turn right side out, press and insert pillow form.

Happy Birthday Sis......OWL ALWAYS LOVE YOU!  
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