Monday, September 30, 2013

Party Banner

Party banners make things more festive!  It was a quick project, 
the best kind in my opinion!  
My banner was for a shower I hosted for my nephews soon to be bride.  
I needed something to hang above my dessert table.  
I started with 4 pieces of scrapbook paper.  I didn't have yellow patterned paper so I made my own.
I used my brush marker to color some of the white flowers on the paper.  
I left some white to give the paper depth.
 After coloring the paper I cut a V from the 
bottom of each piece for the banner.
I printed Bride To Be on my computer onto white card stock and cut the same V at the bottom.
I cut a piece of yellow card stock a little bit larger and taped to the back. 
I punched small holes on each side and threaded ribbon from the back and connected all the pieces.
The rose was made with yellow ribbon. I stitched the ribbon in place through the hole from the back.
 I found the rose ribbon tutorial on this site...super simple!

 I used yellow stripped ribbon between each banner piece.  
I also used a small piece of yellow to hang between each banner piece.
I made 3 yellow tissue flowers to hang above the banner.  

I also made small cards to label the food we enjoyed at the shower.
I printed the food items on card stock, cut long enough to fold. 
I punched a heart in the corner and glued a small piece of 
yellow paper on the back.  
 The heart is yellow now...!!!  
Just adds that little extra!
 Sweet and Simple

This was the coffee station....we had a great time!
Wedding Bells will ring on October 5, 2013!
Congratulations Colton & Stephanie!
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