Monday, August 12, 2013

PEACOCK Kitchen Towels

Peacocks seem to be showing up on all sorts of things these days.  I recently did my own version of peacock decor for a housewarming gift for my niece.  

I searched for the perfect peacock image.  My niece loves turquoise and orange so that narrowed the search.  I found the perfect picture and the idea grew into the finished project.

I copied my image on the 8x10 paper backed fabric for inkjet printers.  I had two 5x7 images to print so I printed one 5x7, let it dry and inserted the paper back into the printer and printed the other 5x7 on the other side. Be sure to insert the paper so the image will print on the other side.  Be sure to allow the ink to dry before inserting back into the printer.  Read instructions for fabric after you print.  My specific paper instructed me to let the image dry completely, peel the backing off and run water over the ink until it ran clear.  The fabric is ready to use after it has dried completely.  Iron the fabric and now it's ready for the project.

 I cut a piece of orange fabric 2 inches wide and as wide as my image fabric.  
I stitched this piece to the top and bottom and ironed seam flat afterward.
 I repeated the same process for the sides but I increased the orange fabric cut to 3 inches. 
I stitched these pieces to the sides and ironed flat.
After all four sides were flat I pressed a 1/4 seam along all four sides in order to have a finished edge.
I placed the finished fabric image onto the orange kitchen towel (I purchased mine from Target).
I stitched it on all four sides and around the inside four sides as well.
 I cut a piece of the orange fabric the width plus 1 inch of the towel width.  
I turned the fabric wrong sides together and stitched the ends 1/2 inch on either end.
I stitched the orange fabric piece onto the bottom of the towel with right sides together.
I stitched across the top of this strip to enclose the seam underneath
 After finishing one towel I was ready to repeat the process.
I was PEACOCK proud after I completed my gift and she loved them!

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