Thursday, May 19, 2011

Towel Wrap !

Graduation time = crafting time!  What does a college girl need...a towel wrap of course with school colors!  LSU is a favorite school in Louisiana...and that's where this little gift will end up.

Supplies:  1 bath towel ( lightweight works the best, less bulk to sew)
                1 piece elastic 1" wide 22" long (adjust acording to desired fit)
                Fabric for decorative strip down the front (mine was 32" long and 4" wide)
                     (Measure your towel length and add 1 1/2" for turning raw edges)
                1 fabric piece 42" long x 4" wide to make bow on final wrap
                Velcro 2 pieces 4" long
                 Ric Rac for decoration if desired (length of towel)

 Begin by folding the ends of the fabric to conceal raw deges and  iron it forming a piece about 2" wide.

 Finished piece ironed and ready to attach to towel edge.
 I folded it over the end of the towel (this will eventually be inside the casing area.
 Pin fabric down and stitch.
 Stitched and ready for the next step.
 I added the Ric Rac on one side just for some extra color!
 Bring the Ric Rac over the end just like the fabric (the bottom of the fabric and trim were sewn to finished
edge of towel.

Measure 2" and pin ...don't stitch at this point....(this will form the casing for the elastic )
 Attach one side of the 4" velcro onto the towel front top edge.
 Do not stitch the casing edge all the way across just will need an opening to put the elastic through.
 Pull your measured elastic piece through the casing and stitch across one edge to hold in place.
 Pull elastic up to desired length ( I put it on to see how tight I needed it to fit)
Once the elastic is in place, fold the towel down and stitch across the elastic area to hold in place.
Finish sewing the folded casing area at this time and attach the matching velcro to the other side matching the front piece.

 You are finished unless you want to add a little decoration to the top...mine was too plain so I added a bow.
 I cut a piece of matching fabric 42" long and made a tube, turned it and tied a bow.
 I sewed the tie onto the top of the towel wrap ...added that extra that it needed!

Now I need to wrap it up pretty and deliver it to the lucky GRAD!

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