Friday, February 27, 2015

Louisiana Snow Day 2-25-2014

Louisiana isn't know for it's abundance of snow days but when they come, they are a highlight for the whole area.  When my children were small it meant a fun day slipping and sliding around outside. They are older and off in their on little worlds these days and I am sure snow only means a headache for them because they have to walk to college classes and drive to work now!  For me, snow days mean hanging out at the windows watching it fall and taking pictures of snow, birds, and more snow.

Lily, our 13 year old dog isn't fond of the white stuff and neither am I when it freezes and she can't make it out alone.  That leaves me having to bundle up and hurry her along on a leash to do her outside business quickly....not easy to convey to her since she needs to smell every flake and lick every ice patch she sees!  Needless to say, snow and old dogs and old ladies don't mix.

It's fun while it lasts, that is if it only last a few days.  In Louisiana, you can count on it don't sticking around for long, weather forecast for the weekend is in the 70's.  What a contrast, 29 degrees one day and two days later it's 70!  What can I say, it's Louisiana!  I don't think I could stand it for more than a couple of days if I knew it was hanging around.

One good thing about snow is the opportunity to take pics, mostly from inside looking out.  I braved the cold with Lily to snap a few outside.  Today the snow is almost all melted except for the roof top gutters and the shady spots around town.  It was beautiful while it lasted!

Spring is on it's way....HOPEFULLY!
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