Friday, March 4, 2016


Christmas 2015 came early for me last year.  I rescued a puppy and she came to live with me on Christmas Eve! Lola Rose has put life back into this lonesome house!  Both of my kids are older and don't spend much time at home and the silence was killing me.  I had to let my last of 3 dogs go last summer.  Lily was a 13 year old golden retriever/lab mix and had two torn ACL's.  I had to make the sad decision to let her go.  I had to do that same thing with my sweet dachshunds Sadie, 13 and Audrey, 12 within the last five years.  They all have crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.  The thought of getting another pet was something I didn't want to consider.  They all have taken a piece of my heart with them and I wasn't sure I could do it all again.

Lola Rose changed my mind for sure.  I saw her on a local dog rescue site and decided it was time to have another furry child.  She was rescued at 7 weeks and she came to live with me a week later.  The details of how she became homeless are unsure but thankfully the rescue took her from the pound and posted it on their Facebook page.  When I saw her sweet face I knew she had to be mine.  Lola Rose came to live with us on Christmas Eve.   This sweet yorkie something mix at 1.9 lbs. was such a special gift!

The first week here she started coughing and it was the thing most dogs get from the pound, kennel cough.  The vet gave her medicine and she recuperated nicely in her new home.  She was 8 weeks when she came to me and she is now 18 weeks old and weighs 5 lbs.  She has sure added lots of life into this quite house.  She's not a barker thankfully but she's learning to find her voice.  Hopefully the voice isn't too loud...!  Her puppy teeth can be brutal but she's getting better and her chewing on furniture is being helped with Bitter Spray!  Her favorite thing to do is lay in the sun in the mornings and chew on your socks...on or off your feet!

Lola is kennel trained and is getting better with our walks on a leash.  She gets more personality each day and I love having her here.  I guess I have learned, NEVER SAY NEVER.....especially when it comes to animals!

 Lola Rose...Christmas Eve 2015 with her new family!


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