Saturday, February 8, 2014

Dino Backsac!

A special little boy had a birthday this week and his gift was a backsac painted especially for him.  He is 3 years old and what little boy doesn't like dinosaurs.  I painted this same dinosaur on a t-shirt for my son 17 years ago.  You might be wondering  what the dinosaur is holding....a cassette player!  My son is 20, guess that tells you I never throw anything away....NEVER!

I made the bag similar to this mustache backsac except I painted the dinosaur on a piece of fabric and pieced it into the front of the bag.  I love making these bags because they are so simple and you can change it up depending on the person you are making it for.
 I transferred my dino pattern onto a piece of orange fabric.
I used plain acrylic paints with textile medium added to make it permanent.
 This is the finished painted piece.
 I stitched two rows of trim under his feet.
                                             This is the finished bag for the Birthday Boy!
You can refer to  this backsac tutorial for details on bag construction.
After filling it with dinosaur books, colors and a few extra goodies he's all set!
Happy 3rd Birthday Joe!
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