Friday, June 13, 2014

Sunflower Love

Nothing says SUMMER like a SUNFLOWER to me.  This is the third year I have planted a small sunflower patch in my backyard.  I had a plan this year to create a "Choir" with my flowers.  I wanted the tall ones in the center and on either side they would get shorter and shorter.  Zinnias were planted on the two front sides.  
I planted the seeds on April 5, 2014 and on June 9th my first sunflower appeared.  I planted several varieties that would grow to different heights.  The first sunflower to show her beautiful face was a red variety. She's a beauty.  About two days later another red on the opposite side started to open.  The shortest variety is the Teddy Bear Sunflower and it looks like one is about to open up.  

Every morning there's a new face to welcome me.  Some look like they are winking and half smiling when they are just about to open.  I love the golden dust they drop on the leaves after they are blooming.  They all have a personality of their own.  Can you tell I just LOVE everything about SUNFLOWERS!  

The process of making a sunflower patch....
Husband tills the ground, I plant and water....
God's handiwork appears!
My first Beauty to appear....June 9, 2014!
Her name is RUBY!
In the beginning....flower on the way!
Not quite ready to show her beautiful face!
My first Zinnia of the season!
Looking forward to seeing all the beautiful faces appear
when I visit my little patch of  HEAVEN!
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