Saturday, April 2, 2011

Seeing RED!

Everything looks better RED!  I have this obsession...I admit it....I confess....I am addicted to RED!  I have driven a RED vehicle since I was 17, except for the sad years I had to drive a blue sweet husband surprised me with a brand new van with a big RED bow on it but it just wasn't the same.  I was soooo glad when I finally got a new car.  We shopped for months trying to find the perfect one!  I didn't really care what kind, it just had to be RED!  I finally found it, a RED Yukon kids named her "BIG RED"....she was a jewel!  I just recently traded her in for another and can you guess what color it is...?  YES, I got "BIG RED'S" little sister, another Yukon except for the short bed! 
What does this have to do with crafting...well, when I started to paint a few pieces of old furniture I inherited...guess what color I was leaning towards?   Yes, your right on RED!  I am really satisfied with the results even though the table took one coat of primer and about 4 coats of RED but it was completely worth it...!  The table has a home in my craft room for now and the chair is at my desk!  Mission off to get more RED paint.  Nothing is safe from RED around here!

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