Monday, April 11, 2011

Revels week!

Revels...what's that?  Revels is the final dance recital for the "World Famous Rangerettes" of Kilgore College!  My daughter is a sophomore this year, it is only a two year college so this is the end of this journey and on to another.  It's sad to see it end, it has been so much fun for our family!  Lots of hard work for Amelia but well worth it in the end. 
It is a full week of practice and performances...5 times in all with an audience.  I was there every single time and loved every minute.  I took over 600 pictures, thank goodness for digital!
I brought her gifts each time I went to the show.  Lola the ladybug is their class mascot.  She loved them all but the cake ball bouquet was her favorite I think but the chocolate covered strawberries came in a close second. 
Heading back to Kilgore today to take some pictures of her and her roommate together.  This journey is almost over and she will be off to another adventure...time will tell what that may be.
Not only Revels took place this week but my son turned 18.  He had to be at the recital on his big day, hated we didn't get to celebrate much but we did go out to eat and we surprised him with a new mountain bike earlier in the day.  He will be taking it to college in Florida in August...that's something I would rather not think about.  I get choked up thinking both of my children will be gone and the house will be empty except for the animals...and my husband!
Guess this is the next chapter in my life....could we please put a bookmark in this page for a bit longer PLEZ!
Chocolate covered strawberries...

Ladybug card holder & card...will post how-to later
Cakeball flowers...(Will post how-to later)
Amelia is in the split leap....!

The middle dancer is my daughter! 

These two are my life...!
Amelia and Austin...the best a parent could ask for!
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