Friday, April 1, 2011

Purse...turned Camera BAG!

I think I made the perfect bag even better!  I found the cutest bag big enough to carry all my camera STUFF!  I have a camera backpack that is wonderful but it makes me look like I'm going on a hiking trip!  This perfect's big, so cute, and can carry everything I need but there's one problem....everything drops to the bottom and clanks together.  My solution, make a bag insert to pad my supplies.  I know, it's not an original idea but the ones I've  priced are way beyond my budget.  My  insert is padded and made of flannel so it will protect my camera supplies.  I even made a couple of dividers with velcro in order to change up the inside depending on what I need that day. 
The best thing about the project....once I take the insert out....the camera bag is back to being a purse without a hassle!
I know I should of taken pictures while I was making it  but I got so excited I completely forgot!
I promise to do better next time...!


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