Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Sunflower Update!

A little update on my sunflower garden.  I planted the seeds in May and I can't believe how fast they have grown....super FLOWER POWER!  The sunflowers just keep popping up and are more beautiful each time.  I really had forgotten what types of sunflower seeds I planted and have been so amazed at the different flowers that appear.  My favorite if I had to pick is the beautiful red sunflower that bloomed last week.
I planted both giant and dwarf....I didn't realize the giant really meant GIANT!  The tallest in my garden is over 7 foot tall and looks like it's still growing.
The sunflower garden is thriving, the birds love their secret hideaway!  I will be planting this every year from now on, I didn't realize what I was missing!

1st day of summer...Bring on the FLOWER POWER!
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