Saturday, October 1, 2011

Craftroom MAKEOVER

Who wouldn't like to have a blank canvas when you start a project!  The upstairs dance room got a makeover recently.  My daughter is the dancer in the family and this was her special room.  It has served it's purpose but now that she is off at college and being a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader I decided it was time to transform it into my special craftroom. 
The pink walls and ceiling are not my favorite color but I didn't have the patience to repaint...let dry....then move in...I just moved in and will add my favorite RED to the mix along with turqouise, my second favorite color. 

The room is taking shape, still needs some organizing...but will do for now.  I have made several things in there already and WOW it was so nice to have all the extra room.  I have been cramped up in a spare bedroom with all the leftover stuff everyone decides they don't want in their space! I never realized I had so many supplies, great having the space to spread out.  I plan on getting some serious crafting done in this new space of mine....NO EXCUSES!
I will share more pics later after the final transformation...Happy Crafting!
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