Sunday, August 15, 2010

Florida MONTH!

Well...the month of July was a Florida travel time. Brian and I took Austin to visit a college in Orlando..Full Sail University! It's an art media school, he wants to be involved in Computer Animation...very talented young man! The school is really cool..very innovative in their approach to education. Not sure how I feel about him being that far from home, but we will survive and I will be visiting Florida more often!!
Several weeks after flying to Orlando...we drove to Destin Beach area, Brian had business and me and the kids tagged along. Lots of HOT weather and GREEN water! Not the best of conditions to enjoy yourself but we managed to have some fun! We left after 5 days and visited a beach in Navvaro..beautiful...water was crystal clear...great crowds...we stayed the afternoon and wished we would have come here instead of Destin!
It was a great family bonding time...they are growing up too fast! Love the young adults they have become...great kids...a mom couldn't ask for anything more!
Now it's school time again...Austin is a Senior...Amelia is a Sophmore at Kilgore College. Rangerettes will be our focus for awhile...we love watching our girlie dance. She's excited about being a Soph! Austin is anxious about college but I have a feeling all will be just fine! I know they will have a wonderful future ahead of them...they are following God's lead! I am blessed!
Life is good...
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