Thursday, June 30, 2011

POP of color!

I think we all could use a POP of color now and then....!  This project piece is in my sister's house...she just had her kitchen remodeled and added an extra bath (my husband is her contractor) it turned out SUPER!
After hanging this particular ironwork piece in her new bathroom she thought it needed something.......there's where the POP of color comes into play!!!
She thought backing it with a color would add some interest to the wall.  The project was really simple and quick!
Supplies....foamcore board
                 duct tape
We started the project by measuring the backside of the iron piece and cut the foamcorm to fit tight...push gently...foamcorm bends easily!  We then layed the fabric on the board and cut 1 1/2" bigger on all sides in order to fold the fabric to the back.  The duct tape held the fabric in place nicely...fold the corners like a gift package.  We then placed the covered board into the back of the iron hanging and just like that...she now has that POP of color she needed in her new bathroom!
It sure is fun to craft with your sister and we even had a little helper, Cate was our VANNA WHITE model for the finished look!  Thanks did a super job!

Off to find something else that needs a POP.....!
Take a look at the entire remodel...Brian Builder's LLC!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Mirror Makeover!

Red has become a recurring theme color around here! I have had this mirror ($20 clearance from T.J. Maxx) for awhile and didn't know quite what to do with it until now. My daughter will be moving into her own apartment soon and her bedroom colors are going to be red, brown and turquoise. This mirror will find a new home from my stash closet to her bedroom wall after it's makeover.

I removed the mirror and spray painted it with gloss RED paint!
Replace the mirror and it's ready to hang!
Wish all makeovers were that simple!

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