Thursday, May 30, 2013


It's that time of year....SUNFLOWER SEASON!  My favorite flower of all time, they make me so happy!  I planted my little piece of heaven about a month ago and it is growing like wildfire!  This time last year was my first time to plant seeds that I purchased...I was a SUNFLOWER NEWBIE!  I had so many flowers and really surprised myself that I could grow something so pretty.  Believe me, if I can grow it, anyone can grow it!!!
After the flowers bloomed last year, I cut them with about a 6 to 8 inch stem and hung them in my garage until they were fully dried.  The seeds will start poking out as they curl up and dry.  I pulled all the seeds out and stored them in a container.  Those seeds I harvested are the seeds that I planted this year.  I am so excited to see them grow and look forward to collecting the seeds once again for next year!
 Seeds just started to sprout! YIPPEE!
 Thanks to my wonderful husband for doing all the MANual labor!  
 The seedlings look a bit sad but they grow big and BEAUTIFUL!
 Look how much they grew in about 2 weeks!
Growing bigger every day!
My first SUNFLOWER showed her pretty face today 5-28-2013!
Looking forward to seeing many more SUNFLOWER FACES!

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