Friday, December 2, 2011

Santa needs a KEY!

It's beginning to look like Christmas around my house finally.  I remember all the excitement just a few short years ago when I drug the boxes of Christmas stuff out....!  Not much excitement now that my two children are 21 and 18.  Oh how I wish for the sweet little faces to come running down the stairs and start digging through the bins and boxes of decorations.  It has taken me two days to get all the stuff put up and finally decorated the tree all by myself.  It was bitter sweet hanging each ornament and remembering when they made it for me and how old they were.  My favorites are the ones they have their pictures on, the puzzle ornament, the CD ornament, the reindeer hand print and on and on!  They are all so precious and like I said it was bitter sweet because they were not here to join in!
Well, this year I plan on starting a new tradition ....the Santa Key!  I found the cute idea on Pinterest, which is my new addiction.  The cute graphics for the Santa Key poem can be found here with all the instructions.  I found my keys for $1 at Michaels and the download was free and I have the paper so it's a really quick and easy gift.  I plan on making several and taking them to friends who have little ones.  Maybe I can start a tradition for their family. 

Everybody needs a Santa Key...I just might keep one for myself ;)
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