Sunday, September 2, 2012

Tissue paper balls

I know there are a million tissue paper flower tutorials but now there are a million and 1!
My sister, Sheri and I made these for a shower her daughter was hosting...Bee Theme!
Super easy
Tissue Paper (8 sheets per flower)
pipe cleaners or wire
fishing line

Fan fold the tissue...wrap pipe cleaner around to secure

Wrap the center with fishing line to hang later...cut plenty!

Gently pull the tissue layers apart (GENTLY...tears easily)
Pull 4 layers to one side and 4 to the other side.
I pulled them all to one side in order to transport....I fluffed into a ball before hanging.

Now you have 1 flower....keep going.......!

Now you have a garden of flowers...I 

This is the finished product...all fluffed into balls!
The baby shower was a big success!

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