Friday, December 13, 2013

Christmas Tree Goes Urban Chic!

It's never too late to start a new tradition.  My sis decided she didn't want her traditional tree this year.  Her children are older and no grands just yet...hopefully soon for her sake!  She found the unfinished wooden tree form at our local Goodwill store.   It has a section devoted to refurbishing and selling handmade things along with the donated items.  She had a vision and made it happen...she called her tree style Urban Chic here goes.  She sent me the pics from her phone during her progress and I am proud to show off her hard work.

 After painting each level of the tree with acrylic paint
 she wrapped the middle section with rope starting at the top. 
 She laid the rope down and began wrapping 
over the starting rope in order for it to stay.  
She did the same at the bottom, tucking the loose ends under. 

She added several strings of lights, a star at the top, 
several clip on peacock ornaments and
two strings of glass bulbs strung on jute. 
She sat it on a small bench on her screened porch
 and attached it to the wall between two nails 
so it wouldn't fall forward.  
Super cute idea and she did a fabulous job!
You go Sistergirl!

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