Friday, April 22, 2011

Cruise Tip!

Clear Shoe Bag = Best Cruise Tip Ever!  The simple clear shoe bag you hang over the door was the best thing I brought on my cruise a couple of years ago.  I recently passed this tip on to a friend who will be going on a cruise soon and thought I would share.
I found my shoe bag at my local Walmart.  When I boarded the ship I hung the bag on the inside of the door in the VERY SMALL bathroom.  There is very little counter space and the bag becomes your hanging storage!
All the little things we use everyday from lotion to toothpaste, q-tips, hairspray, suntan lotion...and on and on fit neatly into each clear shoe compartment for easy access! 
The next best advice....get yourself some seasick bracelets and keep them on throughout the entire cruise!  Believe me, I learned the hard way!

Happy Cruising!

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  1. What a great Idea! Totally stealing this for Hotel trips also. With 4 of us there is NEVER enough counter space.

  2. Deb, this is a fantastic idea! It's perfect! They have those at the dollar store too! Thank you for the tip and for your very sweet comment on my blog. Made me happy :D I can tell you are a fellow photo enthusiast as well! Awesome! Hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day weekend.

  3. Great idea! Would be good for all kinds of travel, too.

    Your daughter is darling! That mid-air split reminds me of my daughter when she was in high school, taking gymnastics & dance. I don't even dream about being able to do that!

    Love your camera bag. How about a tutorial on that insert you made?
    And, I'm a new follower!


  4. Fantastic travel idea!!! And, the camera insert is a great idea...especially for those of us that like

    Following back and looking forward to more great ideas!!


  5. Deb, Thanks for stopping by my blog and following. I think your idea for the storage on a ship is really creative and handy to boot! I am your latest follower!

  6. Awesome idea. I haven't been on a cruise yet, but it's on my 'bucket list'!

  7. If I ever go on a cruise I will remember this! Great idea and could also be good for any traveling! XO, Pinky

  8. Wow! that's a fabulous idea! I've been on a couple of cruises, but doubt I'll be going anytime soon. But if I do, I hope I remember this.

  9. Great idea! I use these on the backs of my bathroom closet doors too...they hold LOADS of stuff in my boys bathroom and you never have to see them! :)

  10. I use one of these at home in my (apparently) crusie ship sized bathroom. Works like a charm!


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